THC “Puff Perfect ‘Flavors’”

1 Piece

Flavors Item Description Purchase Price Quantity Location
Strawberry Cough 1 Piece $15 pcs 1 USA
Mano Kush   $14.50 pcs 100-999  
Girl Scout Cookies   $12.75 pcs 1,000-100k  
Bubble Gum   $11.00 pcs 1 M  
Candy Jack   $    
Lemonade   Call for pricing    


Ingredient Type Mass per package Cost
THC g $3.00 “may vary”
Proprietary Formula g $.09 proprietary formula
Packaging Tubes 1 piece $.34
Packing Device 1 piece $.64
Packaging Box 1 box $.04 per unit
Labor Cost hourly $.13 per unit
Total Cost $4.24 per jar


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